Saturday, July 30, 2011

kids growing up with a sense of humor! and we got RAIN!!!

in my email today from my daughter Abby:

I told her I was gonna twitch, my spanking hand on her bootie!!! bhahahaha

The conversations my kids have with me totally rock my boat in hilarity. I was wondering as I hung my underwear up on the clothes line. (it is in the back yard), if they were embarrassed to hang their underwear?
Eric: well I think it is insane and I only do it cause you said we have to
Gabe: what was the question
Anna: well, when Vanessa stayed she refused and used the dryer
Abby: I don't know, but probably think it is strange.

Eric rechiming in: EVERYbody can see them!!!!!!
MOM: but they are clean, why worry???

I am very conscientious of  my kids underwear and socks. I have this thing about making sure they are new/clean and without holes. 
On to the rain!!
We got buckets full! I mean it unleashed this week! I am so happy, my yard is happier! 
The funny part of rain in our town, is it can be soaking and almost flooding on your street and 5 blocks away, nothing.  So when I got a text from our kids (out and about on bikes) if they could go to the bike park.  Sure I said, but it is pouring be careful.  I was thinking, they just miss the rain, but it was a very heavy rain, and it was cold, and well, lightning.  I got a text back, no rain here? 
Text back, hey guys, how about no on the bike park, are you sure it isn't raining?

Their text: MOM it is freezing rain, we are at the library.
I tell hubby, he will pick up in his truck.
Text back, Dad is enroute, unlock bikes and be ready.

The hustled!  It was so cold by now, I was snapping pics and trying not to freeze and get soaked.  The rain was coming sideways.
My wonderful hubby and rescuer of soaking wet stranded children!

I love to watch my kids work together as a team.  It does something inside me, all warm and proud!

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Mariah said...

Looks like you are settling in. All is well? All is well here. As of Friday of this week Dave will be a full time pastor! Praise God! He gave in his two weeks notice at work and we're taking the plunge. I gave my notice in too, so we're in this thing together for the long haul! Friday is the last day for both of us, and he can be full time at his "real" job with me on rear guard! Haha! God is good and I'm totally excited. Pray for us! :-)