Friday, February 15, 2008

Okay we are moving to YUBA CITY

It is way more than official...

Tony is going to Pastor again!! we are buzzed the kids are besides themselves...we are going home to Cali! That is very exciting.

I wanted to upload this pic of the miracle of our home selling in the perfect time!
Pastor Aulson told us it was helpful for him to have a miracle journal...and I got the most impressive scrap download from
and have other elements....I am so so sorry if I have something on that is yours and can't give kudos I did this in a flash and it all went together and I didn't keep good notes on the others...but thanks to you!
I of course have to scrap our miracle journal and this is the first page...
next the adoption of our first son!!!


Diana said...

Such a beautiful journal page, I love what you did with it, thanks for playing along with us ;)

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Your journal page is darling! Thanks for taking the challenge.