Monday, October 5, 2015

Walmart Savings Catcher App Pays Off! Day 5 of 31!

I opened my email from Walmart and that is the amount I get back! I am so happy! We are on day five of 31 days of trying to bring our spending (especially the extra curricular) to zero!  I never even thought of getting money back! Add that to my past return last week and I am sitting at $9.05!  
I am pretty regular on scanning the QR code from my receipts.  I don't even leave the store.  I walk right over to a checkout, and scan the code right then.  I then can throw the paper away too. It is in my phone.  It is an app for Walmart!
I so highly recommend it! You don't have to have a smart phone either, you can manually type in the receipt number and you are on your way. So you can do it on your laptop, or desktop.  You can put up to 5 receipts a week, so you could save them and input at the library if you don't have a puter also.   Here is the web site Savings Catcher dot Walmart dot com.
Once you want to get the money (which is gift card) they can send you the card to your house, or an email with the bar code to scan.  I just open my email at the checkout and she scans it, and I giggle like a mad woman! lol
Today, the twins went to their GED orientation.  It consisted of testing and paying $10 each for registration. This is a heck of a deal.  They scored very high, and can pass the real test easily, but we have opted to do this 8-week preparatory class for them.  They are buzzed about it. Sixteen other people are in the classes with them.  Monday thru Thursday, 9 to 11:30. Anna's goes until one-thirty, Tues and Thursday due to lower in math, but we expected that!  They will take the official test in January 2016, and also get to walk the graduation walk in May with the other GED grads. We are gonna party and whoop it up!
My men folk headed to El Paso for a Men's discipleship class.  This is usually, a great sermon then stop at McDonalds after for snack or meal.  Gabe and Tony took snacks with them. We are doing this.  Saving money and changing our mindset. I really want to stress, we are not doing this to get out of debt.  We are out of debt, have money in the bank, and live very comfortably.  But, we have gotten lazy in our spending habits, more willy nilly than is prudent!
I have cupcakes cooling, from a crazy purchase during the summer.  Gonna grab the Littles and get them showered, do a bit of reading, and cupcake eating, snuggles and to bed. Then curl up and crochet and listen to my book!
Saving money is fun when you get on a roll!

~never lose your joy


Abigail Pistilli said...

You want to stress??

Tony Pistilli said...

It is called a homonym Miss GED! I want a report explaining what that is....ha ha.

Abigail Pistilli said...

Haha! Yes yes...I got it!!